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The IELTS exam is a test of English language proficiency. It is one of the most popular forms of exams in the world. It can help you pursue higher education in English speaking countries and help you reach your career goals. Planning to take the IELTS exam? Get the best IELTS coaching in Tilak Nagar at Mindmine Global. Let us help you with the exam preparation.

IELTS is jointly managed by the British Council, Cambridge English Language Assessment and IDP Education Australia.

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IELTS for higher studies

Many universities worldwide accept IELTS test scores. If you want to pursue an undergraduate or postgraduate degree outside India, you should take the IELTS Academic test. You need to demonstrate that you are qualified to complete a degree programme that is taught in English.

IELTS for work purposes

You have to provide proof of your language proficiency in obtaining a visa to work abroad. Your language skills are the key to your career success. You need to be prepared for more than basic conversational English. (Source)

  • In the UK, you must have a band score of at least 6.5 on each of the four components of the test.
  • If you wish to work in Australia, you need a test score of 5 to be considered a vocational English speaker. A band score of 6 means that you are a competent English speaker.
  • New Zealand accepts a band score of 4 or higher.
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IELTS for immigration

  • In the UK, a Secure English Language Test has been introduced as a part of the visa application process. It is known as IELTS life skills or IELTS for UKVI. You will receive a pass/fail result rather than band scores.
  • Immigration to New Zealand requires an overall score of 6.5. This is compulsory for visa application.
  • Australia will accept both Vocational and Competent English for immigration.

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IELTS Coaching

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Do you know what strategies to follow while preparing for this exam? No? Fret not! We can help you. Please, stay with us!

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How to prepare for the IELTS exam?

It is very important to set your study pattern to prepare for the IELTS exam. Need guidance? We are here to help you. Following are some of the IELTS training tips you need to keep in mind while preparing for the IELTS test. (source)

1. Familiarise yourself with the test pattern

This should be your first step towards IELTS preparation. You should make yourself familiar with the test format. You become aware of what to expect in each section of the exam. This makes it easier for you to attempt the exam questions.

IELTS exam tests you on four skills, and they are as follows:

Listening –

This test takes place for 30 minutes and is divided into four sections.

Reading –

The reading of the IELTS exam has 40 questions in total and is divided into three sections. The time limit for this section is 60 minutes.

Writing –

The writing task is divided into two parts, and the time limit is 60 minutes.

Speaking –

The speaking part consists of 3 sections. You will be given a time bracket of 11-14 minutes.

2. Always practice mock tests.

You cannot get a perfect IELTS score if you do not practice mock tests. Practice sessions give you a better idea of the kind of questions that you might come in the test. Therefore, the more you practice, the better chances of scoring well in the IELTS exam.

3. Figure out your goals and priorities

When you start practising, you will get to know your strengths and weaknesses. You should make sure that you focus on your weak points. This way, you will be able to improve and perform better. By the time you take the test, you will be more confident too.

4. Adapt yourself to the IELTS testing environment

Regular mock tests can boost your confidence. You need to get used to the examination environment. This adds to your confidence on your actual test day.

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Looking for ‘Best IELTS classes near me’ online?

Have you been looking for IELTS coaching in Tilak Nagar? Want to study at the best IELTS institute in Tilak Nagar? We have got your back. We can provide you with expert guidance and preparation tips for taking the exam. Want to learn the tips that can make your learning process better?

Read on!

Tips for IELTS preparation

Let’s delve into some fun tips that you can consider while preparing for IELTS exam: (source)

Listening test tips

  • Do you know music is a great aid to memory? Melody can help your brain to focus on what is being said. It can help you remember stressed words that are, generally, considered to be the most important in any passage of speech.
ielts general training
  • You can listen to multiple songs without looking at the subtitles or text. You can write down what you hear.
  • You can also watch entertaining films or TV shows. Movies can help you predict what will be said by giving visual cues. The actor’s body language and tone can provide signs of what is going to be said.
  • You can record what you are watching. Then, you turn the sound off in the clip and try figuring out what has been said. Check if you are correct by replaying the recording.

Reading test tips

  • You should develop the practice of reading for pleasure. It can improve your reading skills. You should focus on developing an awareness of synonyms. Reading will help you improve your vocabulary.
  • You should take every opportunity to read. You can read newspapers, magazines or journals while travelling.
  • Develop a habit of reading longer forms of literature like novels, non-fiction books and other categories.
  • You can also paraphrase what you’ve read. You can summarise what you’ve read using your own words. This can help you build your vocabulary. Also, you should time your reading.

Writing test tips

  • You can study high-quality writing styles in different formats by looking at newspapers or short articles. You can underline the useful words and highlight the grammar structures. You can apply what you’ve learned when you write on your own.
  • You can practice test topics. Maybe, you can choose the topics that interest you. Timing is also a very crucial factor. You should not spend too much time on task one. Otherwise, you will not leave yourself enough time to perform well in task two.

Speaking test tips

  • You can broaden your speaking abilities by following different forms of media such as radio, TV, online discussions or social conversations. You can share your experiences with friends by talking about the ideas you found interesting. This way, you can practice your spoken English.
  • You can also practice speaking with a friend or colleague whose English is at a better level than yours.
  • You can also build your confidence by watching very short conversations or speeches and then repeat them. You can start with short simple extracts and then increase the length and difficulty level slowly. This will help you improve your English fluency.

Polish your learning process by following the above easy methods. These tips can help you boost your exam preparation.

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Best IELTS coaching centre in West Delhi

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Benefits of taking IELTS exam

Let’s delve into some of the advantages of taking the IELTS exam.

1.You can develop your English language skills.

The IELTS exam helps you to learn numerous study tips that can help enhance your English language skills. The preparation polishes your approach to the English Language.

2. Multiple career opportunities.

There are many government agencies, employers and other institutions that accept the IELTS results. They acknowledge the importance of the certification you receive. This opens the doors for your study and work opportunities abroad.

3. Helpful in fulfilling future goals in life.

The IELTS exam preparation helps you set clear goals. It motivates you to study harder. The preparation process improves your English Language skills which are relevant for fulfilling your future goals.

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Looking for ‘IELTS training near me’ online?

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Daily notes and various mock tests shall also be provided to you. The course material will have a simple language style for your better understanding.

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Our teachers are well experienced and can guide you in the perfect possible ways. If you face any trouble in understanding anything, you can ask the teachers as many times you wish. The teachers can explain to you the concept and help you attain clarity.

Awesome learning environment

We believe in making the learning process simple. We use innovative and creative teaching methods. Our teachers are updated on the changes in the curriculum and the examination patterns. We can provide you with the best IELTS classes in West Delhi.

Flexible class timings

You have the freedom to select your class timings. We have multiple batches and time slots available. You can choose according to your convenience. Isn’t that nice?

Online IELTS coaching classes

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06:38 15 May 22
Thanks a lot to Harpal Sir and Rajender Sir for their valuable time and tips and tricks they shared... The way of teaching is ultimate.. I can assure anyone can achieve their desired scores in IELTS, if they follow tricks and tips given by Sir...Rajender Sir taught me English grammar as well.. His way of teaching is superb anyone can easily cope up and will feel confidence after attending his sessions.. I am glad to join this Institute and would recommend others also.
Insane GamingInsane Gaming
09:22 19 Mar 22
Wonderful training centre for IELTS, PTE, TOEFL & excellent experience with teachers & highly qualified tutors...I got my IELTS cleared in the very first attempt.. 🔥 .. Must Visit!! ❤[ Prabhkeerath Singh ]
Kimi GoraKimi Gora
10:28 16 Mar 22
They are the best immigration consultant and coaching centre for IELTS and other programs. I am fortunate enough that i came across this institution while i was preparing for IELTS on my own. I contacted them and under the guidance of Harpal sir, i cleared the exam in 1st attempt that too with a very good band score and got invited soon after that for Canada PR. They also helped me with the filing process and arranging documents. Whatever they submitted was sufficient enough and I wasn’t asked to furnish any other supporting document by IRCC. Though my pr was delayed due to global pandemic but i have received it now. I must admit that it would have not been possible without their support and expertise. Truly recommend their services.
Nishev GandhiNishev Gandhi
06:56 15 Mar 22
Thanks to Mindmine Global and the distinguished faculty that i got 6.5 Bands in the IELTS Ac test. Thanks to Harpal Sir, Rajender Sir and Dinesh sir for their valuable inputs. I strongly recommend Mindmine Global for IELTS preparation.
Sanchita PensiaSanchita Pensia
03:18 31 Dec 21
The best coaching in town! Harpal sir, who’s the mentor here understands your weakness and asks you to work upon that. He knows the exam so well because of which he prepares you for it accordingly. All the other mentors are also very well trained, knowledgeable and approachable.

Which is the best IELTS coaching in Rajouri Garden?

You can enrol at Mindmine Global for IELTS coaching classes and get access to the guidance of highly qualified professionals. They have decades of experience in education and counselling. You will be provided with daily notes and mock test papers that can help you learn better and faster. At Mindmine Global, you can also avail online classes in these pandemic times. Visit the website for more information.

I’m looking for an IELTS coaching in Ashok Nagar. Will it provide daily notes?

You can register with Mindmine Global for gaining the best IELTS training. Get to interact with an experienced faculty that is certified by the British Council and IDP for IELTS. Daily notes along with practice material will be provided to you. You can also get access to a flexible IELTS preparation course online. You are free to choose your timings as per your convenience. To know more, visit the website.

Do IELTS institutes hold writing and speaking sessions? Can I get IELTS coaching in Subhash Nagar?

You can sign up with Mindmine Global for quality training in all the sections of the IELTS exam. You will be provided with the latest IELTS study material. Regular IELTS mock tests will also be taken to keep a track of your performance. This will ensure better learning. At Mindmine Global, there is a team of certified professionals who can help you ace your English Language skills.

Where to find the best IELTS coaching centre in Janakpuri?

You can find the best IELTS classes at Mindmine Global. Get access to daily notes and regular mock tests. Get the help of an expert faculty that can help you learn the tricks for taking the IELTS exam. Visit the website to know more.