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Best OET Coaching in Delhi

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Best OET Coaching in Delhi

Are you a healthcare professional looking for a career abroad? Then you have to take the OET or Occupational English Test to prove your proficiency in English. If you want to know more about the OET, and where you can get OET online coaching for it- you have come to the right place. Get the best OET coaching in Delhi from Mindmine Global.

We at Mindmine Global help you prepare for the Occupational English Test which takes place every month. Our OET preparation course is generally 1- 2 months long and helps professionals get the desired results by being more fluent in English. The OET exam is primarily undertaken by health professionals who wish to migrate to another country. Like IELTS, OET is an English proficiency test but is deemed to be comparatively more straightforward than IELTS.

What is OET?

OET is an English proficiency test recognized in several countries which include the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Dubai. This test is a venture between Cambridge English Language Assessment and Box Hill Institute and is graded between A-E, A being the highest score. The minimum required grade is a B in each of the sub-tests. These scores obtained are valid for two years.

Knowing English is the need of the hour to get a successful job or travel abroad to study. To obtain a good job the applicants must be able to communicate in English fluently. That includes both verbal and non-verbal communication. With most documents being written in English, it’s also imperative that the applicant can comprehend the data provided with ease. The training that we offer at Mindmine Global’s OET coaching centre helps you excel in communication. This, in turn, helps you conduct smooth, meaningful conversations.

Mindmine Global offers some of the best OET coaching in India. We prepare our students so that they can take all the subtests of OET with ease. The sub-tests include – listening, reading, writing and speaking. With the 2-months long course, we make sure that the students improve their English comprehension and communication skills. We also provide classes in case you happen to miss one session.

The OET is for professionals in:

  • Medicine
  • Dietetics
  • Nursing
  • Optometry
  • Podiatry
  • Speech pathology
  • Dentistry
  • Nursing
  • Occupational therapy
  • Pharmacy
  • Physiotherapy
  • Radiography
  • Veterinary Science

If any professional doesn’t fit in these medical fields, they must undergo a writing and speaking test as per their professional criteria.

This training module is not just for health professionals. The OET coaching we provide also helps those who want to get a better grasp of the English language. During this course, we ensure that each student gets the attention they need. Our tutors also ensure that their doubts are cleared. We help our students build their confidence to interact in their workspace with ease.

Students who wish to prepare for an upcoming interview, or want to be able to communicate fluently in this globally acknowledged language, this course is apt for them. We assure on making the students well prepared for each of the sub-tests as during the main exam we know they are aware of all the dos and don’ts.

OET- sections

OET helps you prepare all four skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking in English. It is a platform that primarily focuses on teaching the language to professionals. The sub tests are based on the test giver’s professional interest. OET is compulsory for those who are from the medical background. Each sub-test has a stipulated timeline given. The students must adhere to these guidelines. The written and speaking test questions may differ for those who are not healthcare professionals.

The listening test lasts from 40-45 minutes long. Like the other four parts of the OET, the listening test also tests your comprehension skills. It also judges your level of understanding of the subject. The data provided for the listening test is given in a recorded form. Just like the reading test, the listening test is also further divided into three parts. The first part consists of two individual recordings, which includes two separate conversations. There are 12 questions based on each conversation. The first sub-part of the listening test has 24 questions in total.

Similarly, the second part has 6 small dialogues recorded. The students are expected to answer the questions by analysing these conversations. In this subsection, the answers must be picked from the multiple-choice questions presented for each dialogue. For health professionals, the talks include discussions between doctors and nurses. These talks may also include words that are used in their area of work.

The first part is divided into two sub-sections. The first subsection tests your efficiency to locate specific information and evaluate your capability of completing 20 questions within the first 15 minutes of the 60 minutes long test. The second subsection consists of multiple-choice questions based on the given text. These multiple-choice questions give you three answers to pick from which you need to derive the correct solution. Consisting of two parts – A and B, the reading sub-section provides a collection of information followed by the questions. Being time-bound, many candidates prefer reading the questions first and then locating the correct answer within the information provided.

This subsection interprets your capability of indicating the gist of the text and pointing out the relevant information about the question provided. Part B of the reading test also consists of multiple-choice questions which test your skill of precisely understanding the given data and making accurate interpretations. The aim is to understand the main idea of the text given and understanding the meaning using your inference skills.

The listening test lasts from 40-45 minutes long. Like the other four parts of the OET, the listening test also tests your skill of comprehending the language and assess what level of understanding you have about the subject. The data provided in the listening test is heard by the students in the form of a recording. Just like the reading test, the listening test is also further divided into three parts. The first part consists of two individual recordings, which includes two separate conversations. There are 12 questions based on each conversation; thus, this first subpart of the listening test has 24 questions in total.

Similarly, the second part has 6 small dialogues recorded, and the students are expected to answer the questions by analysing these conversations. In this subsection, the answers must be picked from the multiple-choice questions presented for each of the dialogue. For health professionals, the talks include discussions that transpire between doctors and nurses or contain words that get exchanged within that area of work.

The writing test lasts for 45 minutes, and the students are meant to read the given question and plan what they will write in the first five minutes followed by answering the problem in the next 40 minutes. The writing test consists of one question based on one’s workplace criterias. The test requires the one to write a letter, usually a referral letter. For healthcare professionals, during the written test, they are required to write a letter of discharge or a letter of transfer.

The writing test also comes with a stimulus information card, that provides information that one can use during their response letter. We make sure that our students are prepared for the OET in every possible way. Each sub-test requires different skills which we pride ourselves on teaching successfully. With each subpart examining the students different skills, the written test also aims to determine one’s cohesive writing ability. This subpart aims to access the ability of the students to effectively convey the appropriate information to the apparent reader.

Preparing for OET Mindmine at Global

  • Our faculty comprises qualified educators from well-known institutions with years of experience behind them. They undergo rigorous training so that they can give their students their best. Our tutors undergo a constant evaluation to ensure that their knowledge and efficiency standards remain top-notch.
  • Mindmine Global’s OET preparation course improves your skills and efficiency. It also helps you brush up your high school knowledge and vocabulary. With practice, you can also improve your speed.
  • Our faculty will also provide you with scoring tips so that you can qualify for the dream career or job.
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OET speaking role play

  • The speaking test requires the test givers to hold a conversation for 20 minutes with the interviewer.
  • It tests the ability to speak correct english throughout the conversation.
  • The students should provide relevant answers about the questions related to their profession.
  • Practising this role-play conversation is key, as it builds the confidence of each student.
  • At Mindmine Global we help the students prepare for this role-playing.
  • It builds the learners confidence for public speaking. It enables them to practice their speaking skills and furthermore helps them in the long run.
  • Public speaking is important while addressing your co-workers during a presentation or a meeting.

OET reading test

Next comes the reading test that lasts for 60 minutes. During this time, they analyse your ability to comprehend the given material. This reading test is further classified into three sub-sections, each part testing your skills of understanding the given text. These sub-sections consist of multiple-choice questions. The test givers are meant to determine the correct answer from the options given. Inferring the information cohesively is key. With the collection of data provided, one has to develop an understanding of identifying the relevant points. Being on a time limit many test givers tend to rush to complete the test, but it is imperative to allocate time to go back and check your answers.

At Mindmine Global, we train the students to assess the questions and practice reading. Making the students well equipped to comprehend the text presented to them. We also inform them about the format of the tests so they know what to expect. All the guidelines to complete the test are given in the booklet, but we make sure the students are well aware of the instructions they are meant to follow while giving the test.

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OET listening test

The listening test consists of multiple choice questions. Mindmine Global professionals acknowledge the hurdles that a test giver might face during this subsection. The listening test as mentioned earlier contains a recording. Questions are based on the recordings that one hears. It contains three sub parts with a total of 42 questions. The three subparts – A, B and C assess your ability to comprehend the recording. Part A analyses your ability to identify the specific information from the recorded conversation. Part B determines your capability to ascertain the gist and purpose of the conversation. Finally Part C examines your capacity to follow the two professional extracts presented to you cohesively.

The length of the listening test is 40 minutes, which includes time to listen to the recording and answer the questions. The instructions state that the test givers are allowed to listen to the recording once and are meant to answer the questions while listening to the recordings. The major issue test givers face is that the recordings may contain conversations between people who have a different accent. This sometimes makes it difficult for the test givers to fully comprehend the recordings. Our highly qualified professionals help the students overcome this issue, by practicing with helpful material. Mindmine Global makes use of resources that train the test givers to be prepared to understand any recordings even if they contain foreign accents.

OET writing test

It’s important to use the correct format and appropriate language while undertaking the writing test. At Mindmine Global our highly trained professionals teach the right techniques and format to ace the letter writing test. Along with the right structure, answering the question by including the relevant information is important. This test examines your ability to write a letter in a given scenario and assess your vocabulary in your particular field.

You can refer to the additional information card during the test. It contains relevant information that needs to be included in the letter. There is a tendency for students to use the same language in the exact same order they see in the information card. As the tutors at Mindmine Global have noticed, students make these common mistakes. The experts give the required guidance and train the students to not make the above-mentioned errors. The training involves practising letter writing, understanding the question and answering with relevant data only.

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OET English Coaching in Delhi

We live in an environment, where English isn’t our first language. However, it the preferred language of communication in the corporate sector and higher education institutes. So, it is important that you have fluency in both written and spoken English.
Mindmine Global is a well-known centre of education, which provides all the essential help for developing fluency in English language. At our centre in Delhi, our highly trained experts conduct OET- preparation classes that help you get a rounded education and fluently converse in English. We have seen many of our students take up these classes to get better at the language and grow their knowledge of the same.

Online courses for OET at Mindmine Global

If you are not able to attend full time courses, do not worry. We also provide online courses on OET. You can register for the online course. After the students join, our tutors pay attention to each on a personal basis. This helps them understand the students’ needs better.

This way, we can solve the student’s issues there and then and help them grow in the areas they believe that they need more practice.
So, talk to us and register for the OET training course. You can pursue the course from the comfort of your home, after taking care of your other priorities.


At Mindmine Global the classes we conduct also boost the student’s confidence. They can practice speaking to a group and enhance their self-esteem. These factors play an essential role for people taking the exam and provide them with the assurance that they can converse with others in a proper manner.

The Occupation English Test is a gateway to learning and creates several opportunities for students. This allows them to apply for jobs outside the country. This also helps people who plan on continuing to stay at home but excel at their jobs. It teaches them all the necessary aspects that they need to communicate in a professional as well as in a social environment.

Taking OET coaching opens up opportunities for better jobs as it adds to your English proficiency skills. This is a vital skill when it comes to any corporate job. Mindmine Global gives you the chance to improve your talent and makes your resume speak for itself. This two-months long course is all you need to take the right step forward to a better career path.

The candidate understands the requirements of the OET test and the faculty understands the current proficiency level of the candidate and suggest the number of sessions required by him.

The OET coaching fees are decided as per the services provided. That, in turn, is based on the proficiency level.